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Necrotizing Fasciitis: Flesh-Eating Disease Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Necrotizing fasciitis, more popularly known as “flesh-eating disease,” is a rare but potentially fatal condition. Each year, approximately 200,000 humans contract the disease worldwide. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), through the Active Bacterial Core surveillance (ABCs) system...

Vasculitis: Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

A potentially life-threatening condition in which blood vessels become inflamed, vasculitis refers to a group of rare diseases with disparate effects. While there are multiple types of vasculitis, the primary symptoms include changes in the walls of blood vessels, especially...

How Stress Can Harm Your Health: The Effects on Your Body and Behavior

Not all stress is bad. Good stress is an enthusiastic motivator, like a hard-hitting coach pushing you to step up and challenge yourself. Stress can help us perform at our best and jump into action when a fight-or-flight situation arises....

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