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Stop Grinding Your Teeth! Bruxism Explained

We all know somebody who does it, or maybe you do it yourself: grinding your teeth. It can be so bad, chronic teeth grinders can find themselves losing fillings or even parts of their teeth. People might grind so hard...

How to Prevent and Treat Gum Disease (Gingivitis)

Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease refers to a bacterial infection affecting the gums and other tissues supporting the teeth. Resulting from plaque and tartar buildup, this condition can lead to a range of symptoms, from loose teeth and...

12 Home Remedies for Toothaches: Top Tricks to Soothe Tooth Pain

Sudden toothaches can be very painful and may include sharp or throbbing tooth pain, inflammation around the tooth or gum line, red, irritated gums, or generalized mouth pain. Tooth pain is often a symptom of a larger issue, so be...

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