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Muscle Tension

Muscle Strains, Sprains and Pulls: How to Heal Quickly and Protect Yourself with Amino Acids

Muscle strains are common injuries—especially for athletes and individuals with jobs that require heavy lifting. Muscle strains in the back cause significant pain and stiffness and may affect your quality of life. How long does it take for a pulled...

9 Natural Remedies for Back Pain Relief

Few things can be as immediately disabling as back pain. Our backs are a delicate and complex structure of muscles, ligaments, joints, and bones. Back pain can be caused by a wide range of injuries, dehydration, inflammation, and certain underlying...

How Stress Can Harm Your Health: The Effects on Your Body and Behavior

Not all stress is bad. Good stress is an enthusiastic motivator, like a hard-hitting coach pushing you to step up and challenge yourself. Stress can help us perform at our best and jump into action when a fight-or-flight situation arises....

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