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Abdominal Swelling

Campylobacter Infection: Protect Yourself!

Many of us have heard the warnings about eating undercooked chicken because of the fear of becoming sick with salmonella bacteria. But another type of bacteria called Campylobacter can also make you ill if you eat poultry or meat that...

Ascites: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment for Fluid in the Abdomen

The occasional bloating or weight gain can be a normal occurrence. Several things can cause the belly to suddenly expand, including eating certain foods, illness, or premenstrual syndrome in women. But if you have an underlying health condition with your...

Sickle Cell Anemia: Cause, Symptoms and Treatment

Millions of Americans have a condition called anemia in which they either don’t produce enough red blood cells or their red blood cells don’t function properly. The lack of properly functioning red blood cells leads to a lack of oxygen...

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