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Sarcopenia: What Is It and What Can We Do About It?

It’s inevitable. We lose muscle mass and strength as we get older. Once age-related muscle loss becomes severe the condition is labeled sarcopenia. About 30% of people become sarcopenic as they age. Although not technically accurate, sarcopenia has become more...

Best Strength-Training Workouts for Beginners and Pros: Build Muscles and Lose Weight!

Cardio training is an excellent way to stay healthy and lose weight, but strength-training can give your weight-loss goals an extra kick—and it is more useful for building muscles than cardio workouts are. According to Michaela Devries-Aboud, Ph.D., an exercise...

Amino Acids for Men

Getting enough amino acids for men is especially important as you age. Amino acids make up protein…and protein is needed to make muscle…and muscle plays many important roles in health and disease. But as we age the body’s ability to...

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