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Lower Respiratory Tract Infection and Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases

Lower respiratory tract infection is often used as a synonym for pneumonia. However, this condition can refer to a host of illnesses affecting the airways below the larynx. While many people recover quickly from lower respiratory tract illnesses, these diseases...

How Proper Sanitation Helps to Prevent Illnesses and 14 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Researchers estimate that 2.6 billion people across the globe lack adequate sanitation. Lack of proper sanitation practices is believed to contribute to approximately 10% of the “global disease burden” according to a report published in PLOS Medicine. Fortunately, most of the...

Pneumonia Overview: Types, Causes, Signs and Treatment

A serious condition, pneumonia is an infection that causes the lungs’ air sacs to become inflamed. In some cases, the sac fills with fluid or pus, which can be hard for patients to expel. While most healthy people recover from...

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