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Lupus Symptoms, Treatment, Diagnosis

Lupus affects an estimated 5 million people worldwide, including well-known figures like Seal, Paula Abdul, and Selena Gomez. However, most of the public knows very little about this condition. What Is Lupus? A systemic autoimmune disease, lupus is a condition...

Autoimmune Diseases: When the Body Attacks Itself

Autoimmune diseases are relatively common in the United States. The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association reports that 50 million Americans have some form of autoimmune disease. Of those 50 million Americans, 75% are women. Let’s answer some of the most...

6 Ways to Find Natural Relief from Lupus Pain

Lupus is a chronic disease that is poorly understood and poorly managed. An autoimmune disorder, lupus causes the body’s organs to come under attack by its own immune system. The entire body becomes inflamed and hurts. Many lupus sufferers do...

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