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Fatty Liver Disease

What You Should Know About How Amino Acids Benefit Liver Health

Before we dive into the fascinating ways that amino acids benefit liver health, let’s provide some context on just how dire the consequences of not paying attention to the health of your liver can be. There are more than 4.9...

Alcohol and the Liver: What Really Happens When Your Liver Is Exposed to Alcohol?

It is a common joke among the party crowd and social drinkers to bemoan the plight of one’s liver and the suffering it endures as a consequence of imbibing alcohol. The morning after you have had a few drinks beyond...

Fatty Liver Disease: Essential Amino Acids and Other Natural Fatty Liver Treatments Revealed

Fatty liver disease is a serious health condition marked by fat accumulation in the liver. It is often associated with alcoholism and obesity; however, fatty liver disease doesn’t discriminate. Types of Fatty Liver Disease Alcoholic fatty liver disease, or alcoholic...

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