About Dr. Amino - Dr. Amino

About Dr. Amino

Dr. Amino is the world leader in amino acid research and product development.

The primary mission of the Dr.Amino blog is to arm you with all the information you need to transform your body using amino acids.

Dr. Amino’s unique, patented or patent-pending proprietary formulas are the realization of more than 30 years of research, $20 million of competitive funding from NASA and the National Institutes of Health, 25 controlled scientific studies, and 500 peer-reviewed publications.

Our premium nutraceuticals are developed by an elite team of amino acid scientists and formulated to target specific health outcomes for astronauts, athletes, hospital patients, and everyday people, including you!

Currently, the team is developing and testing amino acid supplements that can effectively stimulate lean muscle growth, activate brain neurotransmitters in patients with mental illness, reduce liver fat in patients who use alcohol, and improve the health outcomes of people with heart failure. For more information on our available amino acid blends, visit our store.